Voices Along the Skagit Table of Contents

Part One: Learning From the Past

Part Two: Living in the Modern World

Voices Along the Skagit is written primarily for teachers of grades 6-12. However, we have adapted similar activities for high school and college students, and for Elderhostel—so, in practice, the activities are meant to work for any age of student. Lastly, Voices Along the Skagit is a work in progress. We welcome your comments.

Each chapter of the educator’s guide is divided into sections. The first section—”In Their Own Words”— has Native elders and other tribal community members commenting on the information that follows. The introduction presents the important concepts. The central section provides the context that teachers will need to present the important concepts. We recommend additional reading for teachers who have the time and interest to explore the many articles and books in the bibliography. A final section describes hands-on learning activities that will be useful in bringing history to life. Please contact us for more information.