X Stories: The Personal Side of fragile X syndrome

X-Stories Book CoverFragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder, is the world’s leading cause of inherited mental impairment. Individuals can be fully affected or they can be carriers and exhibit no symptoms at all. Although it is easily identified with a simple blood test, fragile X often goes undiagnosed. Parents who never knew they were carriers can pass it along to their children.

In X Stories: The Personal Side of fragile X syndrome, people who have been touched by fragile X tell in their own words how it has transformed their lives. There are stories about family life before and right after diagnosis and stories that span generations, as fragile X carriers and fully affected individuals move into adolescence, adulthood, and old age. But this book is not just for families who share an inherited genetic syndrome. It is for anyone who has faced challenges and coped with life’s unexpected events—and learned how to grow into the people they were always meant to become.